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FST(Fermented Sea Tangle Powder)
* Product  FST(Fermented Sea Tangle Powder)
* Size  20~50 mash
* Materials  sea tangle (Kelp)
* Origin  Korea
* Factory  Busan, Korea
  Product Features
Powder product by fermentation sea tangle is raised functional, removed algal odor, improved flavor, promoted texture, applied vary widely by specialized fermentation stranin. Especially, natural glutamate contained in sea tangle by lactic acid bacterium GABA convert to 100%.
    High contents of algal oligosaccharides and others(ex: Fucose)
    High level of algla minerals
    Preference Improvement : remove fish smell / Enhancement flavor / betterment texture
    Functional expression : Improvement liver function / anti- oxidant / Remove hangover
    Water-soluble powder of pale Yellow
    No added MSG
    Approved to health food raw material by korea food anf drug administration
    CLAIM : FST can help protect Liver damage from alcohol stress
    Bio-Markers - Improvement Liver function : GGT, LDH, GPT, GOT
                         - Antioxidation effect : CAT, SOD, GPX,MDA
    Daily intake : 75mg / 1500mg (GABA / FST)
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  Trade Terms
    Payment Terms   At sight L/C, T/T
    Delivery Time   Within 30 days after your payment
    Min. Order Qtty   10kg
    Certificates   ISO9001,NET, KFDA, KMF Halal, Green technology
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    Company   Marine Bioprocess Co., Ltd.
    Contact   Park hyun-duk marketing Team manager
    Adress   203, Marine Bio Industry Center, 7, Hoenggye-gil, Ilgwang-myeon,Gijang-gun, Busan,619-912, Korea
    Telephone   +82-51-722-5453
    Faxcimile   +82-51-722-0020
    e-Mail   alskjjj@paran.com
    URL   www.mbpc.co.kr
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